Tuesday, June 9, 2009

it's that time of year again...

no it's not christmas. or new years. it is june. plain old june for u. calendar month for me. the old man has an addiction with calendars. burmese calendars to be exact. google em and u'll see wat i mean. theyr'e these huge posters of girls and guys (mainly girls) dressed in traditional burmese attire and holding flowers and excess amounts of jewellery.

on june every year the old man orders like, 15 of them from burma. to give as presents to others? you ask. no. to hang in every single room in our house. not kidding. there's one on every wall. he even went so far as to replace photos of me in the dining room! so i asked him why he does this. the old man replies, "so that i can have peace of mind."

and so being the great daughter that i am, i took all the current calendars off the walls and put them in his room so that he can enjoy them in his own private time. the next day they're back up around the house. i asked him why he did that and he replies "if u were married to someone like ur mother dearest, u would want peace of mind in every room u go to as well."

gotcha. fair enough. bring on the calendars old man!


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