Monday, June 8, 2009

i say therefore you do!

there's this on going chain of wayne doing whatever he's told to do in the family. maybe it stems from the fact that our country of origin is under a strict and cruel military regime that oppresses its people or maybe its just one of mother dearests' infamous quotes of "we may be living in a democratic country but under my roof it is a dictatorship!" which she likes to remind us every single day from the top of the stair case as she attempts to rule our lives and make herself the center of our universe. the family (except wayne coz despite the similarities in appearances, i think he may have been adopted). yes wayne is a special case. he isn't the most clued in member of the family and we all love exploiting that fact.

this system of barking out orders and expecting others to do whatever it is that they're told to do is evident even in our childhood years. it is deeply ingrained into the family's dna. like when monica told wayne to stick his head between the veranda bars and he did so and got his head stuck between the bars. or that time that i told wayne to step on the massive insect which turned out to be a crab which took half his toe off and also that time we told .... hmmm there seems to be a pattern forming here doesn't it?? wayne does have a way of being our henchman at times even if it causes him a a serious headache and missing a limb or two...

when going out to a party or out to town wayne and me go out at similar times. mother dearest will bark from the top of the staircase that it's too late! (it's only 11pm...) and that we're not allowed to go out. i'm 20. wayne is 23. i just look back, give her 'the look' and just get into my car and drive off. i swear to god, wayne says "yes mama."

not kidding. a 23yr old guy still calls his mom mama and he actually goes back upstairs and into his room. wow.


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