Tuesday, June 16, 2009

car crash

no matter how minor it is, car crashes are horrible. you may think that this is a fairly common sense idea but you must know by now. come on! my family is not of sound mind and is lacking in this common sense department... so yes. i am stating the obvious to you just in case you somehow have some inkling of my family gene. car crashes are not good. they are not done by god and they do not happen only to bad people. good people get into car crashes all the time too.

so in stating the obvious i would like to tell you the most recent happenings of my life. i got into a car crash on the way to work. some stupid girl rammed into me at a round a bout. no trust me, this was not my asian-ness moment coming out of me but it was seriously all her fault. it was just a minor crash but still it was pretty scary and shook me up. got home and told the family what happened. once again, i kid you not. this is what went down...

maybe i was fooling myself to think that i would get some pity. some hugs and a few comforting pats on the back. you know. the normal stuff. oh yeah. i had forgotten. my family ain't normal. damn.

mother dearest actually grins. GRINS i tell you! and says how good it is that i finally get what i deserve and that it's a sign from god that i should be a better daughter!
the old man keeps on telling me that it's my fault and that i'm the most reckless driver in the world and that even monica can drive her electric wheelchair better than me. when i ask him if he's been driven by all the drivers in the world, mother dearest goes on to say how rude i am and that god wants to punish me. we're not even religious i remind her and go upstairs and get a cuddle and hug (and a wet lick) from luke.

great. the only love i get is from my cat. that is sad.


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