Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the truth about burmese people (part 2.)

I know that I have been a bit off topic about my crazy family but I feel that my hard time enduring the dodgy life amongst the Burmese community in New Zealand needs to be heard. And after all, you are reading the life of a Burmese girl...

1. Burmese refugees vs. New Zealand’s piss poor excuse for a Government.

Here in New Zealand we have a system called WINZ. They are like a welfare system that gives money to those who are either too old to work or people who cannot work or women who have been divorced and cannot sustain a household. It’s really a good system that intends to help those in need. Poor things. They didn’t know about the Burmese...
I have found out that sadly, my people have been ripping off loyal tax payers such as myself as well as the government.
It turns out that a Burmese couple will officially divorce and will separate during the day time to make it seem real but still sleep with each other at night. Also, it has come to my attention that the New Zealand Government has somehow decided that for these people, they will give an extra $100/week per child which is taken from the tax payer's money! So the parents pop babies out like there's no tomorrow!
And their kids? They grow up thinking that the only way to get money is to do this so there are pregnant 16yr olds running about.

Can you imagine? Saying to your boyfriend: I'm broke. Let's make some money. Get me pregnant so we can get $100/week. These kids are growing up with no hopes or future goals or aims.
No wonder the Burmese community here in New Zealand is growing at a rapid pace..

P.S The largest family recorded so far in the community?? TWELVE children. I think that's a record. Is that a record?? So, the mother and father are divorced which immediately gives them $800/week. plus 12 children so another $1200 on top of that per week. So, not including the under the table work that they do, they will be getting $2000/week from the government for popping babies out PLUS god knows how much more from their under the table jobs. Man, dodgy dodgy Burmese. But careful. Naughty naughty must get caughty caughty...


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