Monday, August 24, 2009

projectile curry!

warning! this post is so grossly ew that it may put some people off for life! i know i am...

me and my best mate stritch went shopping the other day and decided to go try on some clothes at this one store. while in the changing rooms however, i started feeling a bit sick... like dizzy and faint. so next thing i know, while strictch is getting changed, i vomitted up my lunch which just so happened to be curry. vegetable korma to be exact (too much info? sorry...)

it was so gross. it was like, a fountain of gross curry erupting from my mouth! and it STANK so BAD!!! stritch comes running outta the changing room like OMG OMG OMG!!! and i was so dizzy from both the smell and the ill feeling of having puked so much. the shop assistants were like, you guys have to clean it up! so stritch bein the bestest mate in the whole world got down on her hands and knees and cleaned up my vomit with a bucket and newspapers and paper towels. now, if that doesn't say true BFFFs i don't know what does.

don't get my wrong though. i (as always) had the last say. while stumbling out with vomit in hair and chin, i smiled (with probably vomit in teeth too! gross!) and said "sorry your clothes were just so revolting that that was the only way i could show my true disgust!"


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