Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The First Chapter

Ok so there's no easy way to break it to you. This blog is about my nut house of a family and our lives. Think Brothers and Sisters mixed with a little bit of South Park and a hint of The Osbournes and you'll get a somewhat vague idea of it all.

The first thing you need to know about being a Burmese girl (even worse, the youngest in your family) is that you are pretty much the family slave. Cleaner, mediator, psychiatrist, the lot. There's three of us kids. Me (youngest, 21), Wayne (middle and ONLY boy, 24), and Monica (eldest, 27) living with mother dearest and the old man both of which have ridiculously tiring jobs and work all day.
Ok here's the crazy. We all live together. Yep. Under one roof. Yes it's a big roof but somehow mother dearest's voice carries to every corner of the house making it seem like the smallest and hollow house ever. Why don't we move out?? Well, Monica is in a wheelchair coz of some dumb disability and Wayne is just too damn lazy to move out. As for me, trust me I'm trying...
Told the old man and mother dearest that I'm moving out at the end of the year once i graduate.

I kid you not, this is what follows...
The old man did the "we came here with nothing and now we live in a mansion. You want to leave us?? Why do you want to leave me?? Do you not love me anymore?? If you move out, you are spitting on our hard work we have done to achieve all this!"
Mother dearest (and I say 'dearest' with the most wry and sarcasm filled tone) started the whole "leave her! Let her do what she wants! If she wants to go and be a slut then let her! [apparently moving out = you are a slut] She's in the gutter now! We tried so hard! She's losing all her values and respect for herself!" (see what i mean by crazy??)

Both went on for god knows how long. I just said ok and left it at that for now. I wonder what will happen when i tell them that I'm engaged... No even after like, 6months of being engaged to my boyfriend, I still have yet to tell my parents. Don't look at me like that! I know it's shocking but i'm waiting for the right moment!! If they reacted like that to me wanting to move out, imagine what would happen if i told them i was getting engaged!! Well firstly, they will say i'm too young. Then the old man will go on to say that he didn't bring me to New Zealand to get married so young. Mother dearest will continue to think i'm a slut and that i'm pregnant or something.

So yeah। That's just the start of it all. I have just barely begun to touch on the crazy. Trust me. There's more ;)


  1. Oh wow. Well, I know what it's like to have a crazy family as well. But maybe just a different brand of crazy. :P Keep writing; you do it well.

  2. Hah. You and I are on the same boat. Asians do have this very, very strange tradition of keeping the families together. and "together" means living in one roof till you get old and rotten. I've been living with my family for years, and I am itching to get out for years! but the sons and daughters are also taught how to "behave" in such tradition.

    Conformity is like a prison.

    If I were you, try to go with the flow. they'll soon realise that you can't be with them forever.

  3. Haha freaking good stuff :) i'd <3 <3 <3 to read more! x x